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Positive Attitude and Presence: Why It Matters.


As a professional, I do my best to ensure that my daily interactions with others are met with a positive attitude and presence. While these may seem like easy to do no-brainer characteristics that are key for any professional, for some they are easier said than done. How many of you reading this, can come up a list of people you’ve worked with who can absolutely use an adjustment or training? How many are willing to acknowledge that you yourself can benefit from an adjustment or training as well?

When a positive attitude and presence are absent, the impact can be grand. When they are present however, the impact can be even greater!

In this article, I will talk about that even greater impact.


When I think of attributes that support positive attitude and presence, I think of both the spoken and unspoken. In no particular order, a list of terms that immediately come to my mind are:







Ego Free



Desire to Listen and Hear

Body Language




Kind Words








Sense of Humor(I give myself an A++ for my comedic abilities- ask almost anyone who knows me, they will vouch…I promise)

For those who are quickly coming up with additions in your head or out loud, you are absolutely correct, the list could go on and on. A person whose character is packed with these and other similar qualities is very likely someone who recognizes the importance of having a positive attitude and presence.

Why It Matters:

As professionals, we are first and foremost, representatives of the organizations for which we work. For front line professionals, you may be the first point of contact or, the FACE of the organization. Because of this, it is important to display a positive attitude and presence. Beyond the reasons above, we in our professional roles wear many hatsSpeaking of which, I personally don’t like to wear hats (even in the summer) but that’s a conversation for another topic and I will now carry on….

Many of these hats require important verbal communication and in person interaction with other professionals both inside and outside of our organization. Contact can span from the new employee who was just hired into an entry level position, all the way up to the most seasoned person sitting comfy at the tippity top of the hierarchy. We have managers who we report to, and employees who report to us. It is very likely that the majority of us work in diverse settings filled with the variety of people who make us unique and special. In all of the many instances where we come in contact with others, we end the call, the email, the meeting, or the walk away, having left an impression. What is the impression that you want to leave?

If you are a professional who has influence or decision-making power, your positive attitude and presence has likely helped you to gain a following of cheerleaders who will support and follow your ideas and lead to infinity and beyond (thanks to myself, I now have the image of a little animated space astronaut guy dancing in my head. Perhaps that is better than sugar plums though because who wants to be reminded of snow and cold after the long winter we had). Where was I…. oh ok. If you are a professional who has direct reports, this positivity will add to the creation of healthy relationships which will have a direct impact on the morale of your staff and their commitment to you and to the success of the department. If you are a professional who is wondering how you can move up in your organization, positive attitude and presence will set you apart from the matched skilled counterpart with a less than positive attitude who may also be looking for an upward opportunity.

My own person experience tells me that having a positive attitude and presence invites curiosity. People want to know who you are, where you work, what you do, and they want to be in your company. They consider you noteworthy and lock your face, your name, and often other details in their memory even if their time with you was brief. You aren’t just the nameless face in the sea of others that they vaguely call to mind when someone else mentions you or when they shuffle through the business cards they’ve acquired over time. You are that person they think of immediately in those moments when…

The infectious nature of someone who is inherently positive in both their attitude and presence, is quite a sight to witness.  I’ve worked with many people spanning a variety of personality types and can say without a doubt that even when dealing with the most difficult, I am often and not always with intention, successful in helping to influence a change in their attitude and presence simply by being myself.

Neither additional examples, survey results, or scientific data is needed for us to confirm that we feel better about ourselves when we are positive, and work better with others when they are. If you are Scrooge like naysayer who may read this statement and try to challenge it, I say to you… “bah humbug!”


When analyzing our professional careers and thinking about the things that have made us successful, we should not only consider the number of hard skills that are listed on our resume and carried out on a daily basis, or about the muted toned business clothing combinations that we can be put together (who came up with that as a standard anyways? I LOVE to wear vibrant colors!), or even “just” the results of our work which are of course is extremely important. We should also think about our daily attitude and the impact that our presence has on others, and ask ourselves…it is positive?

If you can answer with yes, then you… are… AWESOME (a word I refused to use for longest time until I realized my too cool children would love me anyways😊!).

If the question results in a hard or easy to acknowledge no, or even an unsure pause before answering, there is a need for growth and development. Don’t delay ACT today! Contrary to what some may pretend to believe, the way others view us Is important, andbecause we never know when the person who can offer us an opportunity of a lifetime is watching, we should make sure we are always presenting the best version of ourselves. Included in that version, should most certainly and without question be… a positive attitude and presence.

I’d love to hear fro you.  Ready, set…………..

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