Finish Strong Friday

Finish Strong Friday: You Are ROYAL!

Regardless of what your family lineage says, you are ROYAL. Walk with your head held high, with purpose, with dignity and with the understanding that you are royal and deserve to be treated as such! Queen, King, Princess, or Prince. You are worthy of all things majestic!

Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday: Dreaming is for you too!!!!!

Wise Wednesday: Stop and listen up friends. There is no permit required to dream, so dream big! Do not be restricted by the belief that dreams only come true for others. Don’t allow a 24-hour time frame of doubt to convince you otherwise…  You deserve the best that life has to offer and so keep your focus in the zone,…

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Make It Happen Monday

Blue Is Just A Color

Not all things blue have to dampen your spirits or throw you off your game. Camp theme for these kiddos: Challenge Week Team color: Blue Get ready for any challenges of today by giving new meaning to feeling blue and doing what you gotta do! Make It Happen..

Tell It Tuesday

Awesome You!

  Although I’m sure that this represents a cookie cutter card that was also sent to other HR professionals just like me, I read it and knew this message was intended specifically for me. It’s ok to be confident.  It’s ok to know that you are awesome! Don’t let the molds of designed limitation stop YOU from being a person that…

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Sunday Slowdown

Sunday Workflow: Home Sweet Home

I spent the day working on networking, creating content, capturing images to use to help tell my stories and more.  I also made time for some much needed rest and relaxation.  My Sunday office views helped to make the work flow smoothly and I made a lot of progress!  I did not allow my home sweet home work setting to…

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Tell It Tuesday

Look For Sunshine Despite The Clouds

Don’t let clouds of uncertainty and flash flood warnings stop you from pursuing your dreams. The storm of doubt may settle in for a bit but rest assured that the sun of reassurance will shine again and will remind you that the sky’s the limit! Continue to dream and to make it/them come true!

Wise Wednesday

Be Wise

Some refer to today as “hump day.” I will refer to it as “Wise Wednesday!” Have WISE conversations. Make WISE connections. Make WISE decisions. Be WISE with your planning. Use WISE steps when working on projects. Choose today to be WISE!

Take It Away Thursday

The Homestretch

Take It Away Thursday: Move into the homestretch of your week with the baton in hand and your eyes on the finish line. Maintain focus as you move ahead.

Finish Strong Friday


Finish Strong Friday! Don’t let a TGIF declaration stop you from finishing strong! Continue to provide quality information while remaining open to receiving the information that others have to offer. Building bridges is key so make calls, send emails, and have conversations. It’s FRIDAY….finish it strong! Like, comment, share.