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Almost any sport EXCEPT Football!

Soo… It’s coming upon that time of year where the coaches for the local youth football team begin their recruiting.  The signs have already begun popping up on yards around town, and the casual and sometimes direct conversations about whether or not I have finally given in and will allow my 11-year-old son to play may be lurking around the corner.  I may find myself standing at the edge of my cul-de-sac again staring off into the blank field while imagining my son as part of the perfect collection of boys in pads, jersey’s, and helmets, jooking and swaying, and running the ball up and down the football field.

To these people who get an award for being persistent, my answer remains the same. “he can play almost any sport…. except for football!”  I am adamant about my answer, and it will not change.

My son who happens to be a gifted athlete, is the kind of kid who is good at almost all sports, and he has played a few.  He he’s done gymnastics and wants me to sign him up again, has played outdoor and indoor soccer, basketball, swimming, ultimate Frisbee (yup that’s an actual thing here in this small town), track, and most recently lacrosse, which was my compromise to the constant denial of his “can I play football” requests.

Early on, I was sooo good at saying no, that it came out of my mouth in lightning fast speed, it eventually turned into an exasperated tone due to the repeated question with an answer that was obviously falling on hopeful ears.  Last year or the year before, I nipped that in the bud with the “don’t try me glare” mixed with the “don’t ask me again” statement.

After that, I’ve heard him say to people “Don’t ask her because she’s gonna say no.”  Nice son, it has finally sunken in…. I think!

Even still and even after my many years of my own version of a “jut say no” campaign, as the signs pop up all over the yards around town, and the eager coaches excitedly think of all the possible children in the proper group who they can invite to join their team.  I am preparing myself to once again let them know that he is allowed to play almost (added almost because I’m nervous about hockey too) any sport…except football.

P.S, last year, we watch a game that his buddies were in, and in that one game, two of the players were taken out due to receiving what were thought to have been concussions… nope I’ll pass on that.  And yes, I know, a concussion can happen many ways, but till… I’ll pass.

On a happy note, I recently received a notice that the local gymnastics school has a summer Parkour class starting soon!!!!!!!!! That’s will keep him busy for and will teach him the kind of cool trick that he loves!

What are your thoughts on football?

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